Phenacetin / CAS 62-44-2 (

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Phenacetin / CAS 62-44-2 (
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we sell high quality PMK glycidate,13605-48-6, BMK glycidate 16648-44-5,P2NP,CBD and so many others

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Phenacetin, Phenacetin, and not the paxil), chemical formula C10H13NO2, is a white crystalline solid at room temperature, melting point 134 ?, is a by many countries to ban drugs.

Appearance and properties: white crystalline powder density: 1.099 g/cm3 melting point: 133-136 ° C (lit.) the boiling point: 132 ° C/MMHG refractive index: DHS (20 C) water solubility: 1.505 0.076 g / 100 mL stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids. The storage conditions: warehouse ventilation dry at low temperature, and reducing agent, food additives

our main products are as follows:

PMK glycidate CAS 13605-48-6
BMK glycidate CAS 16648-44-5
P2NP CAS 705-60-2
CBD powder /cbd oil
methylamine hcl  CAS 593-51-1
2-Bromo-4'-methylpropiophenone CAS: 1451-82-7
2-chlorodiazepam/Diclazepam CAS 2894-68-0
Benzocaine CAS 94-09-7
Procaine CAS 59-46-1
Lidocaine CAS 137-58-6
Tetracaine CAS 94-24-6
Tetracaine hydrochloride CAS 136-47-0
Phenacetin CAS 62-44-2
Tetramisole hydrochloride CAS 5086-74-8
Levamisole Hydrochloride CAS 16595-80-5 
Whatsapp/wechat/phone/skype : +86 19930503252
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